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Ballroom Dance Lessons

If you're looking for ballroom dance lessons in San Diego County or want to take ballroom dance classes in Southern California that go beyond the traditional waltz or tango, check out Infinity Dance Sport Center. We specialize in hard-to-find dance lessons like the Lindy Hop, Peabody, or other specialty dances that most studios don't teach.

Whether you're a beginner or want to enhance your current dance skills, with our customized ballroom dance instruction, you'll learn new techniques, have fun, build confidence, and gain new friends. We can teach all abilities - even those who have disabilities - to dance.

Ballroom Dance Classes for Unique Dance Instruction

Wedding RingsInfinity Dance Sport Center offers individual dance instruction for all types of ballroom dances - over 10 different varieties. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching dances from all over the world and average over 20 years of experience teaching dance. While typical dance studios teach fairly generic versions of dances, we are well versed in unusual and specialized dances. Learn a unique dance like the guajira, or have fun with the mambo - the choice is yours. Your custom ballroom dancing lessons can include a variety of options.

Ballroom dancing lessons are enjoyable, provide great exercise, and enhance creative expression. And it's really fun to hit the dance floor with the confidence and training that make you look like a pro. You will take pride in performing the elegant waltz or a sultry Latin dance. With our custom ballroom dance instruction, you'll enjoy wowing your friends when you perform an exotic, unusual dance too.